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Remove Other apps in my library from Google Play Store

Other apps in library

Other apps in library

Too much android apps log on your account and difficult you find out your liked one. In today era android app very high on market many people has android phone and enjoy a lot using no. of paid and free apps. Most of people even I also just install apps or game for playing and if not like then uninstall it from cell but GOOGLE never forget your apps which you have installed. For your future help GOOGLE store your apps in your account to reinstall easily. That’s good but did you think ever how to remove apps which you dislike?

I have too much apps installed and uninstalled as well but suddenly while checking my apps on GOOGLE PLAY OMG there are so many apps which I dislike and started finding how to remove apps but did not get any option on site. Did you? Comment please.

After some efforts I got a solution. Ahh.. Not from site it’s from phone. Follow below steps how to remove apps from log.

As you know to open Google Play Store in internet connection is required. :)

> Open Google Play Store in your phone.
> Tap on menu and tap on my apps. Phone lists out all apps.


Step 1 & 2

Step 1 & 2

Step 3 & 4

Step 3 & 4

> Choose tab All. You can see cross bar on top right corner on apps which have not installed.
> Tap on X cross bar and press ok.
> That’s it. It removed from your phone and web site log as well.

mysql now() and current_date() function

Hello All,

After long time to get back write blog and share something innovative thing of programming. Here want to share short and sweet tips with you. You may be known about this or you must know to easier code.

It’s about MySql now() and current_date() function.


Whenever you want to get full current date with time then now() is useful.


select now()
//output: 2013-05-08 14:36:26


Whenever you want to get only current date then current_date() is useful. You may use current_date() in sql select statement condition to get current_date() data.


select current_date()
//output : 2013-05-08

That’s it… Hopefully you love this short and sweet post.