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jQuery datepicker: Disabled previous/next/any days

We have seen how to customize jquery datepicker in different condition. such as,

jQuery calender: Highlight date with different color
jQuery datepicker: change position of month and year drop down
jQuery Calender: Manage Year Range
jQuery Calender: Include month and year dropdown
jQuery Datepicker

Here today I am going to explain how to disabled previous days, next days or disabled any week days. As I mentioned jQuery datepicker is highly customize so that you just need to pass parameter to disabled previous and next day. In order to disabled any week day you need to write condition on beforeshowday function. Let’s see one by one.

How to disabled previous days or you can say passed days?

jQuery(‘div’).datepicker({‘minDate’ : 0});




How to disabled next days or you can say future days?

jQuery(‘div.maxdate’).datepicker({‘maxDate’ : 0});



How to disabled any week days? disabled saturday and sunday.

beforeShowDay : function(date){
if(date.getDay() == 0 || date.getDay() == 6){
return [false];
return [true];



A full example:

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Source code from Tech Word of the Day

HTML5 Placeholder styling

I want to share css trick to change palceholder color. In this era HTML5 and CSS3 combination make developer life easier. Here you can see how to make place holder stylish.

How to define Placeholder?

It pretty simple. It’s a attributes of DOM element same like others.

<input type=”text” name=”firstname” placeholder=”Enter your first name” />



Default Placeholder has light gray color. Now just think how if it has some other color or match with your design. :)

For styling placeholder you just need to play with css. copy and paste below code in your page and see what happen.

::-webkit-input-placeholder {color:green;} /* webkit browser */
::-moz-placeholder {color:green;} /* mozilla firefox */
:-ms-input-placeholder {color:red;} /* ie */
<input type=”text” name=”firstname” placeholder=”Enter your first name” />


A full example:


jQuery calender: Highlight date with different color

Today I have done experiment to highlight specific date with different color in datepicker. Let’s see step by step.


CSS: overright css class with differ color. Here I have applied red background color with white font. You can change its with your choice of code.

.ui-highlight .ui-state-default{
background: red !important;
border-color: red !important;
color: white !important;

Make a array of dates that you want to highlight.

var dates = [‘2014-01-05′,’2014-01-15′,’2014-01-25’];

Put some logic to match date and apply your css class. Here I have made a custom date in YYYY-MM-DD format as it same as a array value and easy to find out into the array.

beforeShowDay : function(date){
var y = date.getFullYear().toString(); // get full year
var m = (date.getMonth() + 1).toString(); // get month.
var d = date.getDate().toString(); // get Day
if(m.length == 1){ m = ‘0’ + m; } // append zero(0) if single digit
if(d.length == 1){ d = ‘0’ + d; } // append zero(0) if single digit
var currDate = y+’-‘+m+’-‘+d;
if(dates.indexOf(currDate) >= 0){
return [true, “ui-highlight”];
return [true];

That’s it. You have done. :)

A full example: just copy and paste into your test page and see how it works.