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Change administrator on Google Analytics


Google analytics is used for analysis of your site’s traffic data. So you can concentrate on your goal of site. It’s very good product as it gives so many different kind of reports and one most and important thing is -> It’s FREE.

As per mention title here we will see how to change administrator of Google analytics? i.e. How to change ownership of Google analytics account.

Why does it need to change ownership?

There are several reason behind that why does it need to change ownership. As per my knowledge I mention below.

1. You have hired SEO Specialist and they are using their account for your site analytics.
2. You are the SEO Expert and want to give ownership of your customer.
3. You have changed your email address.
4. You want to take all other Google account under same email address. Such as gmail, drive, adsense, analytics, calender, etc.
5. and many more as per situation.

It’s very simple to change ownership of Google Analytics. It may take only 10 mins. so let’s get started.

Logged into Google Analytics account and go into the Admin link.

  • Select specific account to change ownership.
  • Click on “User Management” link.

Google analytics 1

Give Permission:

  • Add email account where you want to give ownership.
  • Select all check boxes to make entered user to super user (Administrator).
  • Lastly, click on “Add” button.
  • Then you can see entered user added in link. Please loggin with newly entered user and just confirm.

Google Analytics 2

Remove user:

  • It does not require to delete user but you can delete if you really don’t want older one.
  • And it is DONE. :)

Google Analytics 3

You have done. Its very simple process to change ownership. If you like that then please share it.