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HTML5 Placeholder styling

I want to share css trick to change palceholder color. In this era HTML5 and CSS3 combination make developer life easier. Here you can see how to make place holder stylish. How to define Placeholder? It pretty simple. It’s a attributes of DOM element same like others. <input type=”text” name=”firstname” placeholder=”Enter your first name” /> […]

Watermark your web page

As per subject it’s very funny to make your web page watermark. In order to make your web page watermark you don’t require to load any JavaScript or not require make any JavaScript code or HTML or Any other web technology code. So just think about it what I want to say about watermark web page. […]


In this post I cover most performance improvement tips related JavaScript, CSS and PHP. While working with small web application its OK to ignore these tips but whenever you are going to dealing with large web application which will have so many user base and may increase database day by day then you should have to take […]

Hide page content while printing a page

Sometimes, we need to disable editing option of browser like select content, copy and paste or right click disable for preventing our data. Sometimes we ignore one option and it is print option. We also need to take care about print option disabled or hide content while printing page. There is a simple solution about […]