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mysql now() and current_date() function

Hello All, After long time to get back write blog and share something innovative thing of programming. Here want to share short and sweet tips with you. You may be known about this or you must know to easier code. It’s about MySql now() and current_date() function. now() Whenever you want to get full current […]


In this post I cover most performance improvement tips related JavaScript, CSS and PHP. While working with small web application its OK to ignore these tips but whenever you are going to dealing with large web application which will have so many user base and may increase database day by day then you should have to take […]

Reset MD5 password using phpMyAdmin?

As you know MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is one way encryption method. In order to reset MD5 password you have to run database query. Here I have got one direct solution for resetting MD5 password using phpMyAdmin GUI. Follow below steps to reset MD5 Password. Open phpMyAdmin. Open record in edit format which you want […]

coalesce in MySql and MSSql

COALESCE function returns first not null value from list of all arguments. If all passed arguments are NULL, COALESCE returns NULL. COALESCE has N number of arguments. It works same for both MSSql and MySql. Syntax: COALESCE(arg1, arg2, arg3 [, argn]….); How it works? COALESCE is very easy to use. Let’s see how can you […]

MySql Storage Engines

You may know about MySql storage Engine. Recently, I have taken back up of my one of site and set it up in my local machine and see there are two different storage engines with table. Some have MyISAM and Other have InnoDB. Let’s see what the different between each mysql engine. MyISAM manages non-transactional […]

MySql import or export excel data

This is nothing new to many. We have already seen how to import or exports excel data in or from SQL Server. MySql has also ability to import or exports excel data. It is very speedy process to insert data into database. A very few steps to import excel data: Save as yours .xls file […]