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Full form of computer terms

HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure IP Internet Protocol URL Uniform Resource Locator USB Universal Serial Bus VIRUS Vital Information Resource Under Seized 3G 3rd Generation GSM Global System for Mobile Communication CDMA Code Divison Multiple Access UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication System SIM Subscriber Identity Module AVI Audio Video Interleave […]

HTML5 Placeholder styling

I want to share css trick to change palceholder color. In this era HTML5 and CSS3 combination make developer life easier. Here you can see how to make place holder stylish. How to define Placeholder? It pretty simple. It’s a attributes of DOM element same like others. <input type=”text” name=”firstname” placeholder=”Enter your first name” /> […]

Turn on/off Autocomplete for Input

It just a input attributes. Use autocomplete=”off” attributes in input. <input name=”name” type=”text” autocomplete=”off” /> It useful when unique text input. Such as captch text, auto-suggest or autocomplete feature, credit card information or where you need one time user input. Using jQuery. jQuery(‘input’).attr(‘autocomplete’,’off’); or jQuery(‘input’).prop(‘autocomplete’,’off’); // prop is replaced attr method in current jquery version. […]


Recently, I have been working with one of the client and first time get experience of oldest HTML future. Let me tell you whole things. Some months ago client sent email to me. Please find attachments of our systems. I want everything as it is. The only change is that change it desktop to web. […]

Watermark your web page

As per subject it’s very funny to make your web page watermark. In order to make your web page watermark you don’t require to load any JavaScript or not require make any JavaScript code or HTML or Any other web technology code. So just think about it what I want to say about watermark web page. […]

Auto refresh page without JavaScript

In order to automatically refresh page generally(I use) we set JavaScript and mostly use setTimeout() method. Here I explain one more method for refreshing page without JavaScript. May you know? Yes, exactly it’s Meta tag. Put below line into your’ page <head> section. It starts to refreshing page. You can also set redirection after given […]

Type on native language through Google Transliteration API

Have seen how to read write multi language data from database? If not, click here. Now times to type multi language through Google Transliteration API. Google Transliteration supports so many languages. Click to view list. What is Transliteration? Transliteration is form of translation to convert a text from one script to another. Convert phonetic text […]