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Change administrator on Google Analytics

Google analytics is used for analysis of your site’s traffic data. So you can concentrate on your goal of site. It’s very good product as it gives so many different kind of reports and one most and important thing is -> It’s FREE. As per mention title here we will see how to change administrator of […]

Host your site on google drive

Nowadays Google is giving a free and good service to the world. There is a big list of Google services and one of the service is Google Drive. Using Google Drive you can upload your files and folder on web and access it anywhere from the world. One more thing I want to share you […]

WordPress Helper: PHP Snippets for Header

Below are snippets for making header in WordPress. It is more useful. Just you need to copy snippets and paste at appropriate place. Title of the site: <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> Title of specific post or page: <?php wp_title(); ?> The style.css file’s theme location: <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?> Pingback URL for the site: <?php bloginfo(‘pingback_url’); ?> […]

Get Your Non-Tabbed Gmail Inbox Back

While logged into GMAIL yesterday, Google announced a new kind of inbox. You can say tab based inbox to distinguish your email into different category.     It may be you didn’t notice yet as Google rolling new inbox over the next few weeks. You may probably view “Configure Inbox” options on top setting tab. […]

Remove Other apps in my library from Google Play Store

Too much android apps log on your account and difficult you find out your liked one. In today era android app very high on market many people has android phone and enjoy a lot using no. of paid and free apps. Most of people even I also just install apps or game for playing and […]

WordPress bloginfo()

I have started learning WordPress and gather some required information about it. Here I am talking about WordPress bloginfo() function. It returns information about your site. Bloginfo() is most useful function in wordpress. Using bloginfo() function you can get information which you have given in User Profile and General Options (settings -> general) from the […]

switch development to production server automatically

In order to define database credential most of time we make one page like db.php and define all DB variables as follows for development and production server: define(‘HOSTNAME’,’localhost’); define(‘USERNAME’,’root’); define(‘PASSWORD’,”); define(‘DATABASE’,’testdb’); //define(‘HOSTNAME’,’hostname’); //define(‘USERNAME’,’username’); //define(‘PASSWORD’,’password’); //define(‘DATABASE’,’testdb’); After moving on production server DB variables as like: //define(‘HOSTNAME’,’localhost’); //define(‘USERNAME’,’root’); //define(‘PASSWORD’,”); //define(‘DATABASE’,’testdb’); define(‘HOSTNAME’,’hostname’); define(‘USERNAME’,’username’); define(‘PASSWORD’,’password’); define(‘DATABASE’,’testdb’); I have seen […]


In this post I cover most performance improvement tips related JavaScript, CSS and PHP. While working with small web application its OK to ignore these tips but whenever you are going to dealing with large web application which will have so many user base and may increase database day by day then you should have to take […]