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Iconic One wordpress responsive theme

It’s just awesome. My searching about wordpress responsive theme¬† is over now. It’s just because Iconic One WordPress theme. It’s simply neat and clear theme with furious page load time. I loved it. Features: Superior Responsiveness. Greate Page Speed. Easy to Customize. DEMO DOWNLOAD

WordPress Helper: PHP Snippets for Header

Below are snippets for making header in WordPress. It is more useful. Just you need to copy snippets and paste at appropriate place. Title of the site: <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> Title of specific post or page: <?php wp_title(); ?> The style.css file’s theme location: <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?> Pingback URL for the site: <?php bloginfo(‘pingback_url’); ?> […]

WordPress bloginfo()

I have started learning WordPress and gather some required information about it. Here I am talking about WordPress bloginfo() function. It returns information about your site. Bloginfo() is most useful function in wordpress. Using bloginfo() function you can get information which you have given in User Profile and General Options (settings -> general) from the […]

WordPress Media Settings

In today’s era WordPress become more and more popular script for expressing your thought and small content management system. There are so many custom setting functionality available in WordPress admin. Actually, I want to post some YouTube video on blog so for that I just copy n paste YouTube url in my blog post. WordPress […]