HR Interview Question

Always be positive and give your answer on positive way.

Tell me about yourself.

Just focus on your professional life for this answer. Don’t try to say about your family detail whenever HR Person will not ask about your family background or want more about you in detail. Don’t accommodate childhood experience. Just tell about your education, field of interest and your hobbies (keep in mind about hobbies and area of interest should be in your resume). Try to give short and sweet answer.

Why are you applying for this particular job?

You can say that you are interested in field on which your company works and you can show evidence from your past work or certificate if you have that supports your interest.

What do you know about our company?

In order to get this answer you should be prepare information about company from where you will go for interview. Probably you get information from newspaper, yellow pages, may be got full information on company’s website, other employees etc. It may make good impression on them.

What makes you qualified for this particular job?

Tell them why you are interested in this job and give evidence about your interest. Such as, educational qualification. Include all past skill sets and experience that suitable for the job. If your pass skill set not relevant with the job, find elements of the job.

What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

Show your strengths, how good you are in your skills, your characteristics. How much are you strong for the job.

Why should we hire you?

You should explain new thought will improve company. Be honest, build and maintain relationship with client, keep learning, work with team environment and so on.

What do you look for in a job?

You can say you are looking forward for this job as you like to face different challenges you face. See above question’s answer for the same.

Why are you looking to make a career change?

Explain your interests, skills set, experience be carefully while giving this question answer. It is common to career switch however to show your heavy interest in new career. You can also use your past experience to build your interest.

Why did you leave your last job?

Go with positive thought. Don’t tell against your previous employers. It may be raise bad impression. You can go with some answer like.. You are looking for new learning opportunity.

What are your strengths?

You should use keywords such as Quick learner, result oriented, good team player, work very well under pressure, very creative, and very strong client relationship skills may be appropriate depending on your chosen field.

What are your weaknesses?

Make your sound positive. Such as ‘Want to learn everything in details’, ‘Always exists to learn new thing’ etc.

How would you describe yourself?

You can describe yourself as intelligent, hardworking, quick to learn, enthusiastic, honest, efficient, productive, ambitious person.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Do not bring up anything negative here. You can tell as my colleagues describe me as ever helping and hard working person.

What did you most like/ dislike about your past job?

Don’t tell anything against the employee you has work with. Keep it lightly and in your favour, You will have loved your past job and would like to achieve the success and job satisfaction in a more challenging work.

How do you work under pressure?

You should tell them how can you work under pressure if you have done in past.

What kind of hours would you like to work?

Interviewer want’s to know your flexibility to do work so show your flexibility on your side as well.

Do you have any questions for me?

YES you do. By this you can create a good impression on the Interviewer. Ask questions that show you know something about the company or the job.

***** BEST OF LUCK *****

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