Iconic One wordpress responsive theme

It’s just awesome. My searching about wordpress responsive theme  is over now. It’s just because Iconic One WordPress theme. It’s simply neat and clear theme with furious page load time. I loved it. Features: Superior Responsiveness. Greate Page Speed. Easy to Customize. DEMO DOWNLOAD

jQuery Datepicker

Here you can see how to add jQuery datepicker in your web project. In order to add jQuery datepicker in your web page you have to download source code of jQuery UI library. You can also use CDN URL for that. Open jQuery UI site and see at bottom you can get CDN URL just […]

Turn on/off Autocomplete for Input

It just a input attributes. Use autocomplete=”off” attributes in input. <input name=”name” type=”text” autocomplete=”off” /> It useful when unique text input. Such as captch text, auto-suggest or autocomplete feature, credit card information or where you need one time user input. Using jQuery. jQuery(‘input’).attr(‘autocomplete’,’off’); or jQuery(‘input’).prop(‘autocomplete’,’off’); // prop is replaced attr method in current jquery version. […]

jQuery check dom element exists in page

Here I am going to explain how to check or validate DOM element exists in a page or not. we used to check DOM element existence like jQuery(‘#ID’) or jQuery(‘.Class’) but keep in mind jQuery always return array weather DOM element exists or not. If not exists then it returns blank array so we must […]

Get URL Parameters With JavaScript

In this example you can see how to get URL parameter in JavaScript. Using window.location object you can perform this task. window.location.search window.location.search returns a query string in JavaScript.  ?blog=sourcecodemart&artical=1789 Now remove “?” from the string. You can use substring() function to remove chars. window.location.search.substring(1); // blog=sourcecodemart&artical=1789 Now split query string into array using JavaScript […]

Host your site on google drive

Nowadays Google is giving a free and good service to the world. There is a big list of Google services and one of the service is Google Drive. Using Google Drive you can upload your files and folder on web and access it anywhere from the world. One more thing I want to share you […]

Get selected checkboxes from comma separated list with jQuery

Basically, there are several method to get selected value into comma sparated. But in today’s era jQuery is most popular JavaScript librery and reduce less line of code. Using $.map() function we can perform task in a few line of code. var ele = jQuery(‘input[name=nameofelement]:checked’).map(function(){ return this.value; }).get().join(); Full Example: Copy and paste below code […]

The Things you can do using window.location object

In today’s era JavaScript uses more n more in web apps. There are many things you can do with javascript like reload page, replace url, get useragent, url string, url address, etc… Here I am going to explain window.location object. It is more userful if you are playing with JavaScript. 1. window.location.hash location.hash is used […]

Show jQuery Dialog Close Button in Left

Introduction In this aricle you can see how to move jQuery dialog close (X) button from right to left. Usually, jQuery dialog has Close button on top right corner. In the previous article we have seen how to remove close (X) button from jQuery Dialog. It’s not require more changes or no need to diggin […]